Near Death Revelations
(Agonia Records)

Polish Black Metal band BLAZE OF PERDITION released their 3rd full-length, "Near Death Revelations". And of cause it has to be an intimate album this time. Taking away the horrible circumstances they had to suffer, before deciding to get together and start this project, it turns out a very personal contention with life and death. "Near Death Revelations" is for sure the best album they released so far. Not because they changed a lot within their diction. But because the production itself manages a very high-class listening experience. Though it’s not very dynamic it offers a wide range of technical details. Typical BLAZE OF PERDITION you might say, but this time more thought-out and not that chaotic or avantgarde as some would call it. It feels almost lyrically built up. How song by song presents that dispute with death on this LP. You will mostly be worn by atmospheric mid-tempo sections. Which all of a sudden explode into sheer Black Metal storms of dissonance and darkness. Personally I really love the little nuances they provide here. Reminding me of bands like WORMLUST or SVARTIDAUDI. But at the same time they wear that orthodox Black Metal outfit like VALKYRIJA or WATAIN. If you are willing to get sucked into a dark room with no time, nothing then irritating noise atmosphere and a death idolizing preacher leading that orchestra of doom into even darker spaces, I am pretty sure you will be served with "Near Death Revelations". I warmly recommend ‘Dreams Shall Flesh’ and ‘Of No Light’, both my personal highlights so far. Królestwo niczyje but death!,



BLAZE OF PERDITION - Conscious Darkness (Anders Peter Jørgensen)

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