The Dagger & The Chalice
(Dark Descent Records)

I’ve come to the same conclusion with this new movement of old school Death Metal that I did with the recent glut of new school Thrash bands. That is, I’m largely unimpressed. With few exceptions (bands like DEAD CONGREGATION or TORMENTED), I’d much rather listen to the originators. Why listen to WARBRINGER if you can dig out fucking “Persecution Mania”? CORPSESSED drew my interest because they have the guy from the godly Funeral Doom band TYRANNY in their ranks. Overall, this EP isn’t bad – in fact the execution is quite good – in a sort of “You’ll Never See…” fashion. Its chugging Death with a solid and natural production. While CORPSESSED doesn’t make me want to jump up and smash windows, you could do far worse than “The Dagger & The Chalice”.,

Richard Osmond

Richard Osmond

CORPSESSED - Impetus Of Death (Ricardo Campos)
CORPSESSED - Abysmal Thresholds (Michael Kujawska)

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