Descending Upon The Oblivious
(F.D.A. Records)

The Berlin based DEHUMAN REIGN are not really known as a releasing machine. An EP (“Destructive Intent”, 2013) and a full length album (“Ascending From Below”, 2016) grace the overseeable discography of the band. Yet, despite they make themselves a little scarce, DEHUMAN REIGN always unleash finest stuff once they put out a new record. The same goes for their newest, 2020 release “Descending Upon The Oblivious”. From the first killing riffs of the opening ‘Perish Or Subdue’, the German five piece present finest Death Metal of highest quality here. Still DEHUMAN REIGN take a path similar to the old school bands of the US, especially early DEATH, MONSTROSITY, IMMOLATION and early SUFFOCATION come to mind. And this is neither a bad reference nor a charge of plagiarism, especially not that. DEHUMAN REIGN are taking these influences and deliver their own interpretation of Death Metal, both refreshingly old fashioned and admirably skilled. Ranging from high speed attacks to heavy mid paced monster parts, the Berlin guys show a lot of flexibility and ability to create Death Metal with style – Killing with style, so to say. Even though it took my one or two more run-throughs of the album than before, I got really captured by the songs, the riffs and the compositions again. Be it the the more catchy (in terms of ambitious Death Metal) tunes like ‘Repay Your Debt In Blood’ or ‘Caputo’, the simple slashers like ‘Eternity’s Embrace’ or the complex tracks like the final ‘Self Induced Mass Extinction’ – DEHUMAN REIGN definitely know how to satisfy an old fashioned Death Metal maniac like me. So it should be a pleasure for all like-minded Metalheads to visit DEHUMAN REIGN at or their fine label at

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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