Euphoric Convulsions
(Let It Bleed Records)

Argh!! What a blast!! An absolute infernal and merciless Death Metal onslaught. DIRA MORTIS is one of the best acts I have been able to check out lately and probably one of the best kept secrets in the Polish underground. Even the band has been around since 1998 (incl. a hiatus I suppose) "Euphoric Convulsions" is the first long player (according to the info) of this Gorlice based quartet which released just a couple demos and EPs before. Actually you can consider this one as an EP as well as it got three lengthy tracks and four intros only. The offered tracks are intense, brutal and have the perfect balance between ferocious speed, skullcrusing mid paced and slower parts. All is spiced with intelligent breaks and rhythm changes to increase the intensity of the material. Everything is played on a solid technical level which we are used to know from acts of our neighbours. But all sounds quite natural and not clinical. The music flows and animates you to bang your fucking head right from the start. All is well structured and executed. These guys know how to create some awesome old school Death Metal. That’s a fact. ‘Exultation Full Of Sadism’, which starts right after a disturbing, weird intro, is one perfect example of what quality the outfit is all about. The production is top notch (yet not overproduced) and compliments each song very well. A real wall of sound which is storming out of your speakers. The growls are just brillant like the shredding, down tuned guitar massacre and the thundering drums. I can’t stop praising this little piece of plastic here. The only advice I can give to all Deathbangers out there is to get immediately hold of a copy of this killer album. Fell free to get in touch with the label at www.letitbleed.eu. You can also check out the band first on youtube but I promise you will purchase the disc right after the first listening experience.

Michael Oelschlegel

Michael Oelschlegel

DIRA MORTIS - The Cult Of The Dead (Michael Oelschlegel)

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