Burn With Me
(Bestial Invasion Records)

If you have a blackened Speed / Thrash band, your band name must have the word “hell” in it. So it was written in the Great Book Ov Heavy Metal, so it was obeyed by countless others. The first time I ever heard of HELL POISON, someone described the band to me as “Brazil´s MIDNIGHT.” And, it turns out, that’s about the best way to describe this one-man band from Teresina, Piaui. From the fast-paced VENOM meets DESTRUCTION meets MOTÖRHEAD guitar licks to the ripping solos and the nails on chalkboard vocals, Deathhammer is Brazil’s Athenar. ‘Knives’ is a stand out track that showcases Deathhammer’s vile yet intelligible vocal delivery, a catchy chorus, and just enough repetition to ensure it’s stuck in your head without a hammer having been used. ‘Burn With Me’ is solid from start to finish. No filler, no frills, just a whole lot of “fuck you!” A fine reminder that at the core of great music, of whatever genre, is the great song. Buy or die! More info at: www.facebook.com/speednhell, www.bestialinvasionrecords.com

Jarne Brauns

Jarne Brauns

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