The Blood Shall Flow
(World War III Records / Mercenary Musik)

What Sweden used to be in the late 80s / early 90s when it comes to brutal Death Metal, nowadays can be found in the Los Angeles, California area. And by this I certainly don’t mean that the US bands come up with the typical Swedish style of those glorious days, it’s just that all of them still seem to have the right feeling for what Death Metal is supposed to sound like! No matter if you listen to DETERIOROT, SADISTIC INTENT, COFFIN TEXTS, ENGRAVE or in this particular case the godly INFAMY – they all deliver brutal old school Death Metal at its best! “The Blood Shall Flow” is INFAMY’s debut full length and originally got released on the Spanish Repulse sublabel Qabalah Productions way back in 1998. In the meantime they have recorded / released a new 2 track promo entitled “Rape, Grind & Pillage” (you will find a more detailed review somewhere else in this section), but that doesn’t mean that this re-release won’t make any sense. This album is a timeless Death Metal classic, far away from the current so-called “frog-noise” style and blessed with many killer tracks! Besides a completely new packaging / artwork (the “Rape, Grind & Pillage” cover got used instead of the original Petagno one) this US version features the five demo tracks from their classic “Count The Dead” demo as well as all the lyrics as bonus material! The quality of these tracks is of the same class as the album stuff, it’s just that their original vocalist Joshua Jagger Heatley (R.I.P.) can still be heard on them. So, if you previously missed out on this godly piece of brutal music, you should make sure to get your hands on this re-issue in order to get all the old INFAMY classics combined onto one disk! But now it’s about time that the band gets off their lazy asses and conquers the world with a brandnew album after all! Judging them by the quality of the aforementioned promo from 2001 I personally can’t wait to hear it! Horns up!!!

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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