Voyage Towards Abhorrence
(Unmatched Brutality Records)

Massive! What else can I say? I wrote a long review about this impressive maelstrom of Death Metal but somehow didn’t like my own writing any more. Why bore you with my bollocks? Maybe in order to promote this wonderful piece of darkness? Okay, you win. So the band finally got their record deal. I already thought the record companies wouldn’t only be silly but deaf as well. Fortunately, Unmatched Brutality Records were clever enough to get a hold of these Germans. What you get on “Voyage Towards Abhorrence” is almost all of the “Poetry Of The Flesh” demo which most of you probably don’t know as it was sent out to labels and zines exclusively. From “Poetry Of The Flesh” only the track ‘Deconstructed Creature’ was kicked out for some reason I don’t quite get while the other songs were re-recorded. Impressive improvement especially in the vocal department: singer Ulrich sounds quite a bit more to the point and highly passionate. Another old one is ‘Nothingness’ from the “Cadence…” demo being re-recorded with an almost completely different line-up. And you can hear that: the song has been shortened and it’s played considerably slower. Now it’s heavy as can be. Fucking scares the shit out of me! Just like the intro ‘A Poet’s Fingernails’ from that very demo. Now ‘Towards The Flickering Light’ is played a lot slower and therefore sounds much more impressive which might also be due to the awesome production by Ulf Scheel (BANISHED REALITY). So the only two new songs on “Voyage…” are a fairly straight and in parts quite fast one called ‘Waters Of Rebirth’ which is gonna kick quite some arse in the clubs and a weird incantation called ‘Imprecations’. Burning solos and goddamn lava! In my opinion INGURGITATING have found just the right balance between their dark, twisted and sort of sophisticated expression and an easier accessible approach than in the past which seems to come from a broader spectrum, especially concerning their speed. So check ’em out live in Germany this Friday (June 24th) in Leer together with JACK SLATER or at least next month (July 29th) in Osnabrück opening for GOREROTTED in case you happen to be around! I guess I’ll talk with the guys about the hidden track issue (which actually makes the record approx. 5 minutes shorter) and a lot more in the near future, I guess. In the meantime: go an’ get it!

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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