The Tapes - Brazilian Edition
(Marquee Records)

The original, self-financed version of this CD was limited to 500 copies only and had 17 songs in total. Kinda strange that a re-issue offers less (usually it’s the opposite), but I suppose the idea of dropping the entire "Legions Of Evil" demo from 1984 is based on the fact that Marquee Records already used that material as the bonus for the re-releases of IRON ANGEL’s full length albums. So, instead of that you’re getting two additional live tracks from 1985 (‘Wife Of The Devil’ and ‘Nightmare’, both weren’t included on the original "The Tapes…" CD) which results in a total of 13 songs now. So, for obvious reasons the title of the CD had to be changed a bit as well ("The Tapes – Live, Demo & Unreleased Songs, 1984 – 1986" doesn’t completely make sense any longer) and was simply shortened to "The Tapes – Brazilian Edition". Everything else has pretty much stayed the same, apart from the fact that this is a factory pressed release now. For all additional info on the material on offer here check out the review we did on the band’s version back then. For ordering info head to

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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