Blood, Steel And Temper Of Spirit
(No Colours Records)

Besides MORRIGAN / MAYHEMIC TRUTH Poland’s IUVENES are one of the most devoted worshippers of good ol’ BATHORY and their material refers to all highlights in Quorthon’s career. The new tracks aim at the “Hammerheart”, “Blood On Ice” albums whereas the older songs included here, which consist of the “Sons Of Mayhem” demo (1997) and the “When Heroes Will Rise” album (2002), will wake sweet memories of “The Return” and “Under The Sign Of The Black Mark”. So you see, this is a kind of IUVENES best of and it is nicely done and definitely offers value for money. Of course you have to live with the duo’s slightly dilettante English and “clear vocals” being, honestly spoken, even more out of tune than Quorthon’s and simply lack the intensity only the original can have. This is especially evident on the two new songs, whereas the whole old material of IUVENES offers an ultra-orthodox ancient BATHORY-homage, which is quite entertaining though 100% replicated. The drum PC is something I don’t like that much, but especially on “Sons…” and “When…” it does not suck that much and I like the fact that IUVENES do their BATHORY-worship out of total love and devotion to Quorthon’s cult and not because they lack ideas or something. It is highly questionable if the Metal scene needs this band, but with continuously offering new BATHORY-ian songs since their debut demo in 1996 IUVENES showed they are able to persevere and staunch follow their mission, I honour that and forgive them some of their weaknesses. www.no-colours-records.de

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

IUVENES - Live In Eternal Sin / The Speed Of... (Nhashi)
IUVENES - Triumph Of The Will (Jeroni Sancho)
IUVENES - Towards Sources Of Honour And Pride (Nhashi )

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