Live In Eternal Sin / The Speed Of Darkness
(No Colours Records)

First of all, I would have wished that that this release would have been split into two mini CDs if the re-release of an old IUVENES demo is necessary at all and not a split-CD where I cannot see any connection between both participants. However, the first three songs are occupied by Polish IUVENES who seem to have a favour for anything Quorthon once did. While their first two albums for instance were very much in the "Hammerheart" / "Twilight …" – vein, this one, and as said earlier it is only an old demo, is completely inspired by "The Return". If you need this is obviously your decision, it’s well-copied but I am quite lucky when those twelve minutes have passed. LEVIATHAN however (and just to make you aware that this band here is the one from the US) are very much in the depressive Black Metal stuff that is popular today, quite similar to bands like SHINING or SILENCER but not as good I am afraid. Compared to the aforementioned bands, LEVIATHAN nevertheless get to the point earlier as all songs are more or less round about five to six minutes long only. So if you are into such music, this could be worth spending some bucks on it, because production, song-writing and performance are good, I just think they are not as threatening as for example SILENCER. But as I said, would have been a good Mini-CD. www.no-colours-records.de



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