Towards Sources Of Honour And Pride
(No Colours Records)

Polish IUVENES return with yet another album, and this time they are concentrating more on the Viking-era BATHORY again. There are actually two ways to approach this record: on the one side the band is still far away from being of the leading BATHORY-worship-bands, on the other hand this is actually their first record I can listen to without having here and there the urge to press the “skip”-button. This CD is listenable, they meanwhile have finally managed to get the one or other appealing idea in the songs, and the feeling is certainly right. Their best record to date but I am still not too convinced. If you have the chance to I’d recommend to check out either “Blood, Steel And Temper Of Spirit” or “When Out Swords Hit Their Shields”, which seemed to have the most class. We will see which BATHORY-period they will be concentrating on for the next album, but to follow Quorthon’s path a song about Polish Ice Hockey would not be misplaced: Both – IUVENES and Polish Ice Hockey – lack consistency and are some yards away from real class. Some? www.no-colours-records.de



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