Absence Of Light / Impaling The Nazarene
(Cryptorium Records)

Oh no, the boss Frank has given me for review what some call MARDUK Jr. (KOMMANDANT) and son of ENTOMBED (NOMINON)!! Fuck! Nah, that would not be right and to those who say that: shame on you! KOMMANDANT attacks first and they are all accomplished, solid musicians! Fast fast fast and throwing in a multitude of beats and rhythms in just the first minute and some distorted harmonies here and there spice up the song considerably! Very good drum rolls / fills! And yeah, they do sound like MARDUK whether they like it or not but to call’ em MARDUK Jr. … well that’s up to you! ‘Absence Of Light’ is a very good track!! Then comes NOMINON and no, they are NOT a son of ENTOMBED! Quite the contrary! Am I wrong or is this bordering on Norsecore?! (probably because ‘Human Proof’ is a cover of IMPALED NAZARENE? – Frank) Gasp! But, I like that the drummer is doing some shit with his hi-hat that just gets my heart pounding, Norsecore or not! And then some swirling guitar stuff comes in, reminding me just a touch of that insane riff on SACRIFICE’s (mighty) track ‘Necronomicon’. Then they slow it down and some possessed insane person (the vocalist) comes in at the end of the song and the weird sounding – at first – no-snare snare drum ends the tune quite tastly! Get this, you will enjoy it. It will come as a nice introduction to both bands if you somehow have not heard ’em before and if you are a fan of either it will be a very good addition to your collection! Buy and support KOMMANDANT and NOMINON! www.kommandant.us, www.facebook.com/pages/kommandant/102268753157804, www.facebook.com/nominon666, www.nominon.com, www.cryptorium.se

Luis M. L. Sallard

Luis M. L. Sallard

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