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It feels like we have been waiting on a new hardhitting classic Florida Death Metal album forever. BRUTALITY delivered last year with "Sea Of Ignorance", after 20 years of silence, and MONSTROSITY has had us waiting for a new album for 10 years, even though their coming album should be more or less ready. In times like these, we need new and young bands, to pick up the torch and let the fire reign. And to the rescue has KOROIDIA risen, a band picking up the classic Florida Death Metal torch, delivering good old dark Death Metal with a sledgehammer. When the thunder ends, the real storm begins, crunchy guitar riffing edged by a loud and playful bass, done the real way with fingers, brutal growls and thundering drumming, all set up in great songwriting with great flow, catchiness without forgetting the key, brutality and weight. This is heavy as fuck, sucking you in and making your body move. The MONSTROSITY links in the music are many, though KOROIDIA is making the music their own, as they have a flair and delivery, which they have made their trademark over their two releases. The three tracks on this release are all slaps of well performed heavy brutality, just as we came to like Death Metal from Florida and New York state in the good old days. Those good old days where most Death Metal had all the good deeds, flow, heaviness, brutality, hooks and the catchiness that caught your attention and made you remember the bands and songs. Those good old deeds are what I find on this cassette from KOROIDIA. The material on this release is a good step up compared to their first release "Wrath Abomination", which also kicks some decent ass, but "Apparations" is class, and offers 14 minutes of punishing Death Metal without remorse. Enter the final cremation here: http://koroidia.bandcamp.com, www.facebook.com/koroidia, www.repulsiveecho.com

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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