First Step Towards Supremacy
(Ván Records)

The German label Ván Records earned a very respected name in the last few years. It’s not that they released largely selling albums or detected the next big things in Metal. Instead, the bands that get signed by Ván are unique and dedicated bands who have a distinct dark spirituality. In addition, both vinyl and CDs are very aesthetic and an artistic object itself. Thus it is no wonder I approached “First Step Towards Supremacy” with anticipation and a certain expectation. This is the second release of the Belgian KOSMOKRATOR (or KSMKRTR) after the demo “To The Svmmit” in 2014, one year after the start of the band. A year later, this demo was re-released by Ván Records as a 12” vinyl. Again, this new release is “only” an EP, despite the running time that aces out some full albums. But running times are not relevant as long as the music does the talking. And the music speaks in extremely convincing tongues. KOSMOKRATOR are at home in the borderland of Death and Black Metal, being a little more on the side of Death and darkness. If you need a reference, label mates SULPHUR AEON and Swiss BÖLZER are the bands that are the closest to the sound and the atmosphere KOSMOKRATOR created here. But the Belgians are unique enough to be no copycats. And the force and the dismal energy of the opening whirlwind ‘Initiate Decimation’ alone stands for itself. The same driving force, paired with hints of D-Beats are the motor of ‘Death Worship’, a nearly epic and intense ride through the abysses of darkness and ruin. And the two voices that play against each other give this song the ultimate feeling. The B-side (speaking in terms of vinyl) of “First Step Towards Supremacy” turns the spiral of darkness even further downward with the atmospheric dark maelstrom ‘Kosmokratoras III – Mother Whore’. Finally, the monolithic 13 minutes long ‘Myriad’ with its musical lava streams from the deepest abyss are taking the listener down into the utter dark. KOSMOKRATOR have released an outstanding record with “First Step Towards Supremacy”, a record that no one who loves the dark side of Death should miss. Even more, they’ve got the potential to release some more huge records, so be quick to check KOSMOKRATOR at https://initiate-decimation.bandcamp.com or order “First Step Towards Supremacy” at www.van-records.de

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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