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One more seven inch from Blood Harvest Records and once again it’s of highest quality. This time I’m talking about Swedish Thrashers LETHAL and their 3-song EP called "Deliverance". This bunch of Metalheads presents us here some old school Thrash Metal with vocals a little bit comparable to the ones from Tompa from "don’t know where he’s singing right now" but former singer of AT THE GATES. Their brand of Thrash Metal is, as I said before, pretty old school sounding and mixed with hints of KREATOR here and there. Fuckin’ tight played stuff actually, including great riffs, fast drumming and the above mentioned cool vocals. Releases like this forces me to tell that this label, Blood Harvest Records, is on its way to become the best underground label right now and it’s a pleasure to hear that they will continue this way with their next releases. Unfortunately I have to finish this review with something negative: this EP is sold out!!! Yes, blame it on me for writing this review so late, but nevertheless try to get this release through www.metribution.com as their onlineshop still carries this release (other already sold out stuff from Blood Harvest Records like the great 7"EP from CORRUPT seems to be still available, too). This could be your last chance. According to the Blood Harvest homepage LETHAL are about to record a LP soon so keep your eyes open for this cool outfit.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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