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With MAÏEUTISTE from St. Etienne we have another fine example of the uniqueness and huge variety of French Black Metal. On their second album “Veritas” the quintet combines the melodious style of the Scandinavian bands of the 1990s (mainly) with Epic Metal and Doom Metal, thus creating very noble and often pretty complex music. Yet, the foundation of their style still is Black Metal. But they are neither devastating nor pitch black and meditative as a lot of other bands of the genre. Instead, they create atmospheres that are spiritual and thoughtful, as if the listener is looking for the bigger truth of the universe. Somehow the style of MAÏEUTISTE has a noble touch, congenial to the philosophical lyrics. Thus it is no wonder that the six mostly long songs on “Veritas” are quite elusive and need more than shallow listening. But those who dare get rewarded with fine oeuvres like the opening ‘Veritas I’, ‘Universum’ or the culminating, fifteen minutes long masterpiece of Doom ‘Vocat’. The more I listened to “Veritas”, the deeper I found my way into this eclectic opus and its vast oceans. There’s just one thing I really have to criticise here, and that’s the eight minutes of silence after the final ‘Veritas II’ that are followed by a short outro. This was already superfluous in the 1990s, it’s even more in 2019. But this is counting beans and can not ruin the fine music MAÏEUTISTE created. Visit or the label behind nearly any fine Black Metal from France,

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

MAÏEUTISTE - Maïeutiste (Alfonso Perez)

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