Megalomania / The Puzzle...
(Darkness Shall Rise Productions)

Back in the day, when I had the chance to listen to this demo, I always thought that the band was German. I mean, the sound, production and way of playing was screaming teutonic steel in the early ASSASSIN, KREATOR or SODOM vein, with obvious references to early SLAYER, EXODUS and METALLICA. For the sound and execution, this material shows a band that was more advanced than your average demo bands. 1986 was the year and this first demo “Megalomania” was truly one of those lost jewels that promised a lot… and I mean a lot. You can actually feel the aggression and power that oozes from the speakers. Later on, in that same year, a new demo was released, “The Puzzle”, which showed a let’s say more experimental sound and a bit more complex approach, still keeping a bit of that rawness of the first recording, but yet sounding like a different band. And probably this second demo was the reason for this band not recording a debut album, but many years later (and actually not very good). This new edition comes with 12 page booklet and was remastered by master Dan Swanö. You might be surprised that the band has released four full length albums, unfortunately none in the style of the first demo. Actually the last album is their best one, so give it a try. For collectors, I will definitely recommend this, just for the killer first demo. I just wonder what would happen if they had developed the sound of that first recording… well probably in another universe. More information you will find at:,

Julián “Missing In Action” Núñez

Julián "Missing In Action" Núñez

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