Self Knowledge Disintegrate The Velis
(Iron, Blood And Death Corporation)

You press play and from the very beginning it is evident what to expect from the third album of Chilean Death Metal behemoth MELEKTAUS, namely unrelenting violence track after track. Totally direct and to the point, no concessions are made in MELEKTAUS’ artillery. Founded upon the forefathers of the genre, they create an exquisite mix of fine technique and production with the unique savagery of South American extreme Metal. The constant dance of fingers upon fretboard is a wonder to hear, permanently set within the most brutal musical environment, a drumming massacre that is both impressively technical and very fast – sometimes amazingly so. The vocals are absolutely bestial – as everything else, they are about as heavy as you can get. After the line-up problems that crippled them for a while, MELEKTAUS return in excellent form to spread their brutal music far and wide. And may they do so… it is because of bands like this that Chile has one of the best Metal scenes in the world. So, if you are into technical Death Metal that is at the same time extremely aggressive, and if you are into icons of the genre such as IMMOLATION or KRISIUN, consider this an entity to add to the list of names of reverence, should you not yet know them. Nine tracks of fierce ferocity meant to maim your brain, in a cool digipak you should inquire about at,

Ricardo Campos

Ricardo Campos

MELEKTAUS - Promo 2002 (Frank Stöver)
MELEKTAUS - Nexus For Continual Genesis (Stefan Franke)
MELEKTAUS - Transcendence Through Ethereal Scourge (Frank Stöver)
MELEKTAUS - interview (Frank Stöver)

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