Greetings From Hell
(Terror From Hell Records)

Dutch Death / Doom Metal patrol MOURNING’s debut album saw the daylight in 1993, released on the small Dutch label Foundation 2000. When strictly talking about some independent and small record labels and the underground Metal of those days, undoubtedly a band like MOURNING vanished quick into oblivion, just keeping in mind they only released this debut of theirs titled "Greetings From Hell" before changing its name to ROUWEN, and releasing one more 5-track EP in 1997 (called "Rouwkots") before ceasing to exist. But thanks to an active division of new underground labels some certain releases won’t totally be forgotten. Italian Terror From Hell Records got their hands on MOURNING’s "Greetings From Hell", and decided to put out this old underground gem as a limited gatefold LP, just to get it available again for some interested parties after 21 long years. Musically MOURNING’s attempt to combine Death Metal with some Doom Metal elements (or vice versa) seemed to be a pretty successful concept actually, in a way reminding a little bit of WINTER’s "Into Darkness" and OBITUARY’s "Slowly We Rot" eras (from a far distance at least), with some rough primitiveness coming from HELLHAMMER’s direction I’d say. MOURNING really weren’t into doing any rocket science by this release back in the day but undoubtedly they did know very well how they wanted to introduce MOURNING to the Death / Doom Metal audience of those days. There’s something very appealing and captivating in MOURNING’s stripped and primitive Death and Doom Metal approach on "Greetings From Hell", and hence the ones who missed the release of this particular album in 1993, may not want to do the same mistake again. But be sure to act fast because these 400 album copies (splatter vinyl, limited to 100 copies and black vinyl, limited to 300 copies) won’t last forever, that’s for certain. More about MOURNING can be sneaked at:, label:

Luxi Lahtinen

Luxi Lahtinen

MOURNING - At The Dawn Of... (Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas)

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