Live Xecution
(Regain Records)

OBITUARY is a regular and still warmly welcomed guest on Voices From The Darkside. With this release the US Death Metal legend is presenting their second live DVD within only four years. Mainly due to this very short gap between "Frozen Alive" (via Metal Mind Productions) and his twin brother "Live Xecution" – released early spring 2010 – the playlist consists of very similar OBITUARY material. But the major advantage of "Live Xecution" is the great atmosphere at Party San 2008 and the real impressive sound and picture quality. The overall production is in the position to capture the essence of nearly two decades of US Death Metal and when the band is playing their final track ‘Slowly We Rot’ not only my eyes are getting wet. Don’t expect a wide catalogue of specials, the Tardy brothers are playing fucking Death Metal without compromise and they don’t need several hours of bonus material to make their fans happy. Overall a compact live release which shows that not every resurrection (the OBITUARY beast was fallen asleep during 1997-2003) is a waste of time and resources. For more info check,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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