Cold Blooded Murder
(Morbid Records)

Faster! More brutal! This has been the “trend” in the East Frisian Extreme Metal Scene ever since I started to discover it. The scene’s best known Death Metal outfit obviously picked up this vibe as well. The follow-up of “Intense” therefore might just as well have been called “More Intense”. “Cold Blooded Murder” is more extreme, heavier, faster and more brutal, so I was reminded of CANNIBAL CORPSE quite a few times. Especially the drumming is excellent once again. But don’t worry, OBSCENITY didn’t get rid off their groovy elements, nor did they abolish their MAIDENesque melodic solos. Everything is just much more to the point. Unfortunately, this time there are no extras included on the CD and the total playing time isn’t outragiously long. Still I can recommend this CD whole-heartedly. Check out ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’ and especially ‘Sleepwalker’! Killer tracks! Hopefully you didn’t miss them at the No Mercy festivals this year. www.obscenity.de

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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