Where Sinners Bleed
(Armageddon Music)

I always liked OBSCENITY. They’ve been around for so long and never got the attention they deserved. Things seem to change, though. Their last album “Cold Blooded Murder” already showed just how much potential the band still hasn’t unleashed yet. Now, “Where Sinners Bleed” is definitely gonna show everybody just how good they actually are. It seems as if with their youngest member, drummer Marc Andree Dieken, their (older than) old school roots are coming through more clearly. On the one hand I can’t remember whether the band ever got as fast as on ‘Die Again’ or on ‘Out Of The Tombs’ whereas, on the other hand, their Thrash roots are rediscovered. Furthermore, there is quite some Florida lava as well. But most important of all: those elements work together perfectly. At least for my taste, OBSCENITY never wrote better songs! ‘Where Sinners Bleed’ is faster, slower, more thrashy, more groovy – more extreme – than any of their previous killers. This album is simply captivating and never gets boring. Just listen to the solos! It’s been blocking my car’s stereo for weeks now and I just can’t wait to see the guys on stage in Wacken this year (I only hope the Wacken guys remove the silly tent wall this time… I hate the stink). www.obscenity.de.

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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