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“Intense” is already one year old but as I was crushed at an OBSCENITY gig very recently, I felt the urge to review this album. OBSCENITY play old school Death Metal: sometimes very fast, sometimes very melodic (in terms of Death Metal in the American vein), “Intense” is probably the most mature album in the long career of the band. The song ‘Suck My Vomit’ features quite a bit of SLAYER riffing, whereas the slower, more threatening track ‘Pride Of Creation’ is my favorite at the moment. To cut it short: great vocals, brilliant riffing and leads, excellent work on the bass and skull crushing drums – this album is intense, very natural and organic: the perfect soundtrack for inviting your teacher or your boss to a human barbecue. World class! “Intense” is available on CD with 4 CD-Rom videos as well as on picture vinyl (unfortunately without the funny videos, haha). Make sure you see these guys on tour! www.obscenity.de

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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