Suffocated Truth
(Vic Records)

One of the uncrowned kings of the Teutonic Death Metal squad (the counterpart of the Teutonic Thrash Titans in my opinion). Lots of people talk about MORGOTH without taking into consideration other great Death Metal bands that came out of Germany in the early 90s say PURGATORY, INCUBATOR, DEAD and the mighty BLOOD. But there was another band that was hungry and in the urge of making great and memorable Death Metal records, that band is OBSCENITY. While OBSCENITY got recognition a bit (too) late in its career, it was no secret for the deathmongers of the 90s to pay attention to the path that OBSCENITY was building since day 1. I got this CD in the year of 2001 handed by a friend of mine who knew I was looking for more Death Metal records that were kind of uneasy to get a hold of. My big German love were NIGHT IN GALES at that point (have to admit they had some great tunes) and somehow I was expecting something very melodic at first sight while listening to “Suffocated Truth”. However my illusions faded in a blurry and heavy smoke full of headbanging moments in the classic Death Metal way. I recall thinking “Suffocated Truth” had only full power songs and that were meant to punish the listener with heavy fast and slow gloomy sections. When I played this record again in 2012 I didn’t even remember my first impressions, just wanted to pay a listen to it again and see if I could catch something different that time. It was totally worth it, after 11 years this CD was still with me for a reason, and it’s clear to think that the reason for that is the amazing music that it holds. This is not the traditional US Swedish Death Metal band, the sound of it can be described as some unique not that heavily distorted Death Metal which could be even a pioneer of the early melodic Death Metal scene. The vocals are raspy but understandable; the slow melodic sections are amazing, it even have some acoustic guitars, keyboards and small solos mixed in between. Now, there is also something I want to mention, somehow the Thrash roots bright a bit in here and in this album you will definitely hear some SODOM, KREATOR and DESTRUCTION influences, mostly in the guitar and drums patterns mixed with some OBITUARY, DEATH riffing and speed. Germany has been putting out some great Death Metal bands lately SULPHUR AEON, OBSCURE INFINITY, REVEL IN FLESH, LIFELESS, HARM, etc, but you also need to know the history of where this country started to produce some great Death Metal. After more than 20 years you can get a hold of this great Death Metal classic again, once again by the mighty Vic Records. Go buy it and revive the aggression and nostalgic feel of the 90s, visit www.facebook.com/obscenity.official, www.vicrecords.com

Mauricio “Rusty” Sanchez

Mauricio "Rusty" Sanchez

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