The Loss Of Distress

ORDER TO RUIN is a melodic Death Metal outfit from Muenster, Germany and active in the underground since 2011. After releasing two EPs and one full length CD, they now present their second self-released full length "The Loss Of Distress". After a short intro, the opening track ‘Cyber Assassin’ already gives a good overview, over the bands musical direction and musical skills. They play melodic Death Metal with heavy influences of Thrash Metal. Some names of bands from the 90s come into my mind while listening to this killer track, but they manage to sound unique using their obvious Scandinavian influences. Bands like old DIMENSION ZERO, old THE DUSKFALL, IN FLAMES or even HYPOCRISY left their traces in their music, but definitely they use a lot of Thrash Metal like THE DUSKFALL used to do and manage to have a good balance between melodic and hard sound. The used keyboards really fulfill their sound and their music is a perfect flashback into the 90s, where I really fell in a lifetime love with that specific sound. Fast drumming, pounding double bass, thrashed rhythm guitars and a good lead guitar, conjuring a lot of cool leads and melodies, really make this album very enjoyable. The fact, that this band is only a three-piece and a drum computer has been used for the recording, can only be heared, when you are aware of this fact, so really good and professional programming. Also to present such a perfect and well produced recording after only 4 years of band history speaks for itself. This really fine album can be downloaded for free(!!) via the band’s facebook page or ordered from them directly for only 5 euros in digi-pack format CD. I am sure, that this album will help them to get signed soon and presented to a bigger audience. www.facebook.com/ordertoruin, www.reverbnation.com/ordertoruin

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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