The Path To Atrocity

I was astonished to see on their Facebook page, that ORDER TO RUIN are working on their third full-length album, as it is only some months ago, when I reviewed their second album for Voices, so I was curious to hear, if they can manage to write another proper album within such a short time. The answer is: they can and surprise the listener with the quality of the new material. Within their self chosen style, they developed their fine songwriting abilities and really deliver another killer album. The opening track ‘I Saw The Devil’ is a real smash hit. With its uptempo melodies, fine guitar work and Thrash influences, as well as the more Thrash orientated vocals of Tobi, the track brings back good old memories of a time, when I used to adore bands like old IN FLAMES, GATES OF ISHTAR and DARK TRANQUILLITY. This opening track easily could have fitted on the classic "Subterranean" mini CD. The quality continues with the second track ‘The Path Of Sanity’ and its pure Swedish sounding melody. Again some Thrash Metal influences show up, which fit perfect into their sound. Also a lot of times, MAIDEN influences show up, which made me listen to MAIDEN some times in the last week and this mixture of classic Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal and the Gothenburg school as basis, makes this album highly enjoyable for fans of this old ceasing genre. The whole guitar work of Denis and Simon is really amazing. ‘Here Comes The Reaper’ again shows up some really old school sounding Heavy Metal melodies and is a real neck breaker in the middle part with a nice sample surprise at the end. The remaining six tracks have a similar quality level with lots of well thought-out melodies, nice hooklines and some really smart ideas. Delivering such a quality album within this short time, really deserves some credits. And the best is, you can purchase the album direct from the band for 5 Euro plus postage, or download it for free via their Facebook page. Check the band out via: www.facebook.com/ordertoruin, www.reverbnation.com/ordertoruin, or for CD orders mail to: hellworks@web.de.

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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