The Return To Ceyrior VII

Germany seems to have bought the copyright from Sweden for fantastic melodic Death Metal and bands like NIGHT IN GALES or ORDER TO RUIN keep this ancient flame alive. Album number seven of these restless warriors comes up with some significant changes. First thing is the drumming, which was recorded by a professional session drummer this time (Patrick), who did a fantastic job by bringing some fresh energy into the band. This fresh energy gets manifested in a refreshed songwriting and ‘The Stormlake’s Tale‘, ‘Alone With My Knife‘ and the title track ‘Return To Ceyrior VII‘ are the best tracks the band has released so far. And with ‘Dating Lucifer‘ the guys really wrote a smash hit which easily could have fitted on albums like "Whoracle“ or "The Mind‘s Eye“. Who expects a change of style into a modern direction will be disappointed as Denis, Simon and Mike really keep it old school. But this album sounds like a refreshed version of them as their songwriting is tighter, the production and mix turned out really killer and the overall guitar work enriched by several solos (greetings also to session member Waik) is really great. Occasionally the guitars have an HM-2 sound similar to THE EVERDAWN, which gives their sound a dirty painting but mostly all is kept very melodic. For more info, check my previous reviews or better go and check the band out via one of the following sources: www.facebook.com/ordertoruin, www.reverbnation.com/ordertoruin, https://order-to-ruin.bandcamp.com

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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