Sacrilegious Purification
(Hellthrasher Productions)

It’s time for some Swedish Death Metal. Yes, again! But PUTRIFIED is not a "typical" band of this dear loved genre. In fact, this is not even a band in its classical meaning, since PUTRIFIED is just one person. A guy called A. Death, who did anything on the first PUTRIFIED EP by himself, including the cover art, is the one responsible for "Sacrilegious Purification", as well as for a 7" and two full length demos (at least they are classified like this in the Metal Archives). And what he delivers on the six songs of this EP is highly original Death Metal, that can’t really deny its Swedish origin. But some of the ideas here are very unique, even though or maybe because they don’t seem to fit at the first go. The opening title track ‘Sacrilegious Purification’ already surprises with a church organ not only in the intro, but also as a harmony lead instrument. Very strange idea on the first look, but it works and gives this song a very special flavor. Also the following hyperspeed smasher ‘Pestilentialis’ is pretty unique with MAIDENesque guitars in the solo part and a doom part with guitars that even remind of SAINT VITUS. ‘Sacrificial Death Salvation’ is a little more in the classic Sweden Death style, but it features some well-hung Thrash guitars combined with hyperventilating parts that reminds of the crazy CRANIUM. And the unexpected surprises don’t stop here, since ‘This Poisoned Chalice’ starts off like a classic Power Metal song. Twenty seconds later, PUTRIFIED swing the axe of Death again, before a creeping part leads to a repetition of the intro theme in the end. A little disappointing to me is ‘Evocatio’ – maybe the most "normal" song here. But there’s another one here, the creeping monster ‘Sacred Putrefaction’ with its malicious groove in the intro, and those HYPOCRISY styled guitars, that are accompanied by a sinister organ in the end. All friends of unique Death Metal are welcome to check "Sacrilegious Purification", if they can deal with a record that needs a few more runs to unfold its complete creative craziness. To find out more, visit www.facebook.com/pages/putrified/139314062811752 or the responsible label www.hellthrasher.com

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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