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This is already the 3rd full length fist in the face by Swedish chaos trio TURBOCHARGED! Personally I have not been overflown by their previous stuff, but of course I’m familar with the old works of their vocalist / bass player Ronnie Ripper (ex – VOMITORY, ex – GEHENNAH etc.) and he keeps the red line in delivering his Metal raw, dirty and in your face! These 12 tracks are nothing more than a merciless Crust / Punk and HM2 Pedal ridden Swedish Death Metal infected hellride! Yeah, I know currently a lot of “nerds” are complaining about the huge amount of bands doing the Swedish shit over and over again, but my suggestion to those: go fuck yourself and buy some occult candlelight philosophic bullshit Metal! TURBOCHARGED give a damn and deliver the shit raw, brutal, real and honest. Tracks like ‘Demonization’, ‘Left Hand Psychopath’ or the titletrack are like a beerfest for fans of bands like (old) BOMBS OF HADES, TORMENTED, BASTARD PRIEST and the likes, shortly said the real and raw kept way in terms of music and production! The vocals and especially the lyrics have a damned nice ENTOMBED like touch. Lyrically it reminds me a lot of tracks like ‘Chief Rebel Angel’, meaning a heavily blasphemic and ironically expressed wave of hatred towards religion in general! If you hail the raw Swedish way there’s definitely nothing wrong in getting “Militant” with this album and a couple of cold beers, of course! Enjoy! www.facebook.com/pages/turbocharged/76137909752, www.facebook.com/gfyprod

Ralf Hauber

Ralf Hauber

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