Blood Rapture
(Metal Blade Records )

The Forshaga Death machine returns with its already fourth full-length (the second one on Metal Blade). Every fan of this Swedish fourpiece won’t be disappointed. “Blood Rapture” is an intense piece of Scandinavian Death Metal with great vocals. Yeah, bassist Erik did a fucking great job. His voice is fantastic, he grunts very deep and powerful but you always can understand him. He’s way more brutal than all those US style frogs. There are only two things that have changed a little bit. VOMITORY put a few more of these simple crust core riffs (especially in ‘Blessed And Forsaken’) in the songs and you’ll also find some more melodic parts than in the past. But as mentioned before they didn’t change too much, it’s still the ear crushing powerful Death Metal assault you’ve expected. My faves songs are ‘Chaos Fury’ and the title track. Again they recorded in Berno Studio and again the production sounds excellent. Well done. Although “Redemption” is still my fave VOMITORY album, cause it’s their most brutal and intense, I really recommend “Blood Rapture” to all the Death Metal Ghouls out there. Don’t waste your time, get your fingers on “Blood Rapture”.



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