Sumblimation XXIA
(Xtreem Music)

To me, the new longplayer by this French outfit is a perfect example of a record that can really oversaturate one’s passion for extreme Metal. I’m so sick and tired of bands claiming to blend Black and Death Metal cause in 99% this simply means that they fail to come up with something that can live up to the standard of any of these genres. There is really not ONE memorable song on this record and the lack of passion, ideas and identity is so immense it almost hurts. And the dry and blurred production just adds to an above all dull and mind-numbing effort. I was actually quite curious about this since these guy seemed to have the right attitude but when listening to the music just makes me crave for nothing but silence there’s something terribly going wrong for sure. I only wished that all the superfluous bands out there would question themselves a little bit more weather they really have something to say or if they simply add another average record to the trash-pile. Thanks and good night. www.evilness.com/vorkreist

Torsten Gründig

Torsten Gründig

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