September 23, 2021

Basque / German Death Metallers SIJJIN have justed revealed the full tracklist of their upcoming debut full length “Sumerian Promises”. The following songs will appear on it: ‘Daemon Blessex’, ‘Dagger Of A Thousand Deaths’, ‘Those Who Wait To Enter’, ‘Sumerian Promises’, ‘Angel Of The Eastern Gate’, ‘Hunting The Lizard’, ‘Unchain The Ghost’, ‘Darkness On Saqqara’, ‘White Mantras Bleed From Black Magic’, ‘Outer Chambers Of Entity’ and ‘Condemned By Primal Contact’. The album will be released via Sepulchral Voice Records on November 12, 2021 on 12″ LP, CD and digital. More about SIJJIN at

Swedish Black / Death Metallers IN APHELION have just revealed a teaser video for their upcoming debut EP “Luciferian Age” at this location. The EP will be released on November 05, 2021 via Edged Circle Productions on CD format. The 12″ vinyl version will follow in February 2022. In the video, vocalist / guitarist Sebastian Ramstedt discusses the EP’s songs as well as plays a number of its central riffs. The previously revealed demo track ‘Let The Beast Run Wild’ is still available over here. More about IN APHELION

French blackened Death / Doom Metal duo AUTOKRATOR will release their fourth full-length “Persecution” on November 05, 2021 via Krucyator Productions on CD, vinyl and digitally. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Loïc Fontaine at Krucyator Studio and the artwork was created by Nestor Avalos. The following tracks will be featured on the album: ‘De Gloria Martyrum Et Confessorum’, ‘The Great Persecution’, ‘DCLXVI’, ‘Antechristus’, ‘Caesar Nerva Traianus’ and ‘Apocalypsis’. ‘The Great Persecution’ can already be streamed at this location. More AUTOKRATOR at

Orlando, Florida based Doom / Deathers DRUID LORD have just revealed the track ‘Thirteen Days Of Death’ over here. It will appear on the band’s upcoming third album “Relics Of The Dead”, which will be released in late fall via Hells Headbangers on CD and cassette tape formats (the vinyl LP version will follow next year). For all further information please visit

Texas Black Metallers NECROFIER have just released a third track from their upcoming debut full length “Prophecies Of Eternal Darkness”. You can watch a video for ‘Betrayal Of The Queen’ at this location. The album, that will be released on October 22, 2021 via Season Of Mist Underground Activists, features the following tracks: ‘The Black Flame Burns’, ‘Darker Than The Night’, ‘Madness Descends’, ‘Return To Chaos’, ‘Death Comes To Us All’, ‘Unholy Hunger’, ‘Betrayal Of The Queen’ and ‘Plaque Requiem’. All additional NECROFIER info you will find at

Finnish Black Metallers SOLACIDE are streaming their upcoming second album “Fall From Eternity” in its entirety over here now. It will be released on September 24, 2021 via Saturnal Records. For more SOLACIDE information check out

Spanish blackened technical Death Metallers THIRTEEN BLED PROMISES will release their new EP “Foundation” on October 22, 2021 via Lacerated Enemy Records. The tracklist reads as follows: ‘A Dead Fucking Alien And Now I Am Fucking Immortal’, ‘Hell Froze’, ‘Intergorelactic’ and ‘A Humanless War’. The EP’s first single ‘A Humanless War’ is already available at this location. All additional band information you will find at

US Thrash Metal trio TESTIMONY OF APOCALYPSE has just released a demo version of the song ‘Redemption’ over here. The band is currently preparing their debut album, which will be released in spring of 2022 via The Charon Collective. TESTIMONY OF APOCALYPSE consists of former SACRAMENT members Paul Graham on drums and original singer Mike Torone. The band gets completed by guitarist / bassist Nick Pacitti. You can follow them at

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