The Demos: 2007-2009
(Morbid Chapel Records)

Here we have a collection of demos, rehearsal sessions and live recordings from the Austrian Black / Death Metal band ABHORROT. This compilation has been released by the Polish label Morbid Chapel Records on tape format (limited to 100 copies) and it covers the early years of this unknown band, between 2007 and 2009. It contains tracks from the demo tapes “Death In Blasphemy” from 2008 and “The Sanctvary Ov Darkness” from 2009, a rehearsal session from 2007 and a live session from 2008. A total of 20 songs for almost 71 minutes, including a NIHILIST cover too. These guys play lo-fi Black / Death Metal, inspired by bands such as PROCLAMATION, TEITANBLOOD, ARCHGOAT etc. Since the sound is terrible, it’s the primitive rawness that make up the lion’s share of this release. I would define ABHORROT as a mixture of old school Death Metal in the vein of AMPUTATION’s demo tapes, very early MORTICIAN and Finnish Black / Death Metal à la early BEHERIT and ARCHGOAT. Unfortunately the sound is ultra low quality, especially the drums, but the guitars suck too. The concept follows the typical rules of the genre: occult, darkness, death etc. In conclusion, would I recommend this compilation? No, I wouldn’t, unless you’re a fan of ultra lo-fi bands, in this case you will find enough mediocrity and noise to torture your ears. More ABHORROT info you will find at www.facebook.com/abhorrot, label contact: www.morbidchapelrecords.com, https://morbidchapelrecords.bandcamp.com

Rick Peart

Rick Peart

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