Alcoholic Firetigers
(Evil Spell Records / Undercover Records)

I suppose, I won’t really have to introduce BLIZZARD to anyone reading this anymore, since this German three-piece has been active since 1998 already. Ever since they have released no less than one demo, two EPs, three splits and four full length albums. Even if you haven’t been familiar with them yet, it should still be pretty obvious, that musicians, that have named themselves "Tank Cömmander Atze" (guitars & vocals), "Pösercrusher Jan" (bass) and "Balör The Exterminatör" (drums), are definitely not playing any modern Nu Metal crap or commercial radio friendly music. "Alcoholic Metal Mayhem", "Hellish Rock’n’Metal" or "The Return Of Pure Filth And Mayhem" are the titles of some of their releases, and if you start to think of WARFARE, BULLDOZER, VENOM, TANK or MOTÖRHEAD now, you’re definitely heading for the right direction. BLIZZARD is raw, ugly, dirty and right into your face, speedy thrashing Punk’n’Roll Metal (or something like that) and "Alcoholic Firetigers" is their first DVD release now. The back cover of it might be a little misleading, cause there’s only six titles mentioned. But if you have a look at the total playing time that is mentioned above, you’ll easily notice that this DVD features a lot more than that and that those titles are actually no songtitles, but the titles of the DVD chapters. The first one, "No Beer Until Metal Nights", is a complete BLIZZARD live show that was recorded on May 12, 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany at the Club Zentral when BLIZZARD played with DESASTER. A sample song can be found here. "Say Hello To The Tank Commander" is basically a compilation of comments about BLIZZARD from follow Metalheads like Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY), Fenriz (DARKTHRONE) or Tormentor (DESASTER). Next up is "Rakia – Rehearsal (2012)", which is – as the title already reveals – a band rehearsal from 2012 and "United Metal Punks On The Road (2010)" is about 40 minutes of live- and backstage-footage from the band’s tour in 2010 (a clip of it can be found here). "Rehearsing With The Devil (2010)" is another rehearsal from 2010 and the DVD gets completed with a short band interview ("Rakia – Interview"), which is approximately 5 minutes long. I’m not really sure if anyone who’s not familiar with BLIZZARD yet will buy a full length DVD, but for all BLIZZARD die hards this is definitely a feast… and considering its impressive playing time, you’ll definitely get value for money here! More band info at The DVD is available from

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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