At The Devil's Left Hand
(Caverna Abismal Records)

After an unsettling and satanic intro, the gates of Hell are wide opened and "At The Devil’s Left Hand" begins; a slab of Black / Thrash Metal you are most certainly going to enjoy if you are into NIFELHEIM, DESASTER and the likes – sometimes I was also reminded of their countrymen DESTRÖYER 666. BLOODLUST actually mix their dark, aggressive and fast sound with a bit of Heavy Metal to be found in these inspired, well-written songs, from occasional singing parts (sometimes rather surprising, like in ‘Death The Conqueror’) to the structures and riffage. This description would be dead sure to draw my attention given my personal taste, and in fact BLOODLUST do deliver! Right from the beginning the title track is a true gem to hear. ‘Deadly Force’ proceeds with the onslaught, in relentless pace driven by Dizazter, the drummer best known from playing in Singaporean IMPIETY and who does truly killer work in this album. And as you progress, you realize how strong the songs are, with a brand of Black / Thrash that is catchier (occasionally bringing a touch of BEWITCHED to mind) and more complex than most. The lyrics are very much on the satanic side and blend well with the aggressive music. All the songs are well accomplished, although I particularly enjoy a couple of them (like the wonderful ‘Freak Of The Night’). The production is crystal clear and very good, even though I might have added a bit more of a bassy punch. But truth is I am surrendered to the beautiful, hellscorched Metal in this album… I mean, man, listen to ‘Wolves Of The Warcursed Earth’. What a fucking headbanger! So this is a very convincing release crafted by three Metal mongers that seem to be much committed to true Thrash and Heavy Metal. High praise to them! If you are a Black / Thrasher do not miss this and get it from,

Ricardo Campos

Ricardo Campos

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