Infernal Thrashing Kommandments
(Gruft Production)

As a rule, most splits go under-appreciated, usually for good reason. Sometimes there are exceptions like, the BEHEXEN split with HORNA or, more famously, the split between PURULENCE and AMayMON in the early 90s. The stricter among you may want to avoid this one if you’re easily deterred. The BLOODTHRIST tracks consist of two orginals, and two covers: one of VENOM, the other MORBID ANGEL. The originals aren’t bad, but you’ve most definitely heard them all if you’ve half a brain and internet access. The covers aren’t as good; chopped up breakages in whole bars, all of it splattered with fuzziness. But the originals show a lot of promise, at least as much promise as any Thrash band can have these days. The EXCIDIUM side is much better production wise, and is blessedly free of covers except a single RAZOR cover at the end. A lot of Swedish Death Metal à la TREBLINKA and early GROTESQUE have gone into this band as, I’m more than sure, a plethora of armoured, bestial tanks. EXCIDIUM’s songs stand out far more, are jucier even, if such a description may be applied. More bang for your buck, so to speak. This is not bad, but if you’re picky, look elsewhere.,,

Nathan Shapiro

Nathan Shapiro

BLOODTHIRST - Sanctity Denied (Julián Núñez)
BLOODTHIRST - Let Him Die (Amin)
EXCIDIUM - Laws Of Perversion & Filth (Miguel Negrón)

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