Estonian Sessions
approx. 17min

In case you always wanted to find out how some of the Voices contributors are killing their sparetime, in between writing and doing interviews, you should definitely check out this new release from BLOODY SIGN as it features monsieur Nathaniel Colas, our crazy maniac from France, on bass and vocals. And you know what? He did a really good job on the three tracks on offer here, especially considering the fact that the band recorded and mixed the whole damn thing in Estonia in only 6 hours! Unfortunately this was just a one off, session kinda thing as BLOODY SIGN have found a fulltime vocalist and a steady bassplayer in the meantime. I know that I used to do a review on their previous output "Primitive Horde" a while ago, but as I can’t really recall whatever happened to that release (if I maybe passed it on to someone else or something), I honestly don’t know how it exactly sounded like anymore and how the voice of Kalevi (the band’s guitarist, who used to sing on it) differs from Nathaniel’s. But at least I can say that I do enjoy the three new tracks (‘Ablaze With Anger’, ‘Conquering Pain’ and ‘Master Of Nothing’) and if you’re into brutal US style Death Metal, quite technically performed, with some additional screamy, Black Metal-like vocals, you can easily pick this up as well, as it definitely offers some quality songwriting. I’ve got a tape version of it but the band is selling the recordings as a CD-R for 7,-Euro (ppd.). Contact and all further info: Bloody Sign, c/o Uibo, 47 rue Basse, 68420 Gueberschwihr, France,

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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