Primitive Horde

The five song MCD "Primitive Horde" is already the third demo release of this French four piece, but the first to actually see the light of day on CD(R). Their previous outputs "The Nocturnal Moan Of The Fallen Angel" (from 1997) and "Dionysos Contre Le Crucifié" (1998), which still got spread around in the good old cassette format, never made it here, so I can’t really tell you whether they managed to improve ever since or not. Well, according to their info sheet they always used to follow the paths of straight ahead, brutal Black / Death Metal and "Primitive Horde" certainly is no exception to that rule. Deep grunted guttural vocals in combination with shrieky Black Metal howling, supported by very raw performed thrashing outbursts of brutality should easily please a certain amount of listeners. The rhythm section not always sounds completely tight to me, but at least the band as a whole delivers a certain blasphemous atmosphere with their compositions, which is kinda cool. A little bit more improvement is needed nevertheless in order not to get lost among the countless hordes of the same musical goals. The CD-R comes with a full colored coverart and sells for 8 € from this address: BLOODY SIGN, c/o UIBO, 47 rue Basse, 68420 Gueberschwihr, France,,

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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