The 3rd Escape
(Blood Harvest Records)

After releasing a couple of demotapes, 2 full-length recordings and some split-releases it was time for another recording from French masters of fast and blasting, yet obscure and morbid Death Metal – BLOODY SIGN. I can remember that I saw them live about almost 2 years ago and they had a huge impact on me. OK, here I’m about to talk about their recently released 7” EP “The 3rd Escape” out on Blood Harvest Records from Sweden. 3 tracks of utterly fast, weird and obscure Death Metal with a riffstructure not normal in the common Death Metal-understanding. Honestly spoken the riffs are amazing here, hardly find a band to compare them with, still it’s more than clear that they take most of their influences from such dark outfits as MORBID ANGEL or IMMOLATION as many others, too. But I’m amazed, this band puts such weird tunes inside their songs. Again we are talking about a band which is not new to the scene and proves to stay loyal to the underground Death Metal scene for more than 10 years now, nevertheless taking the opportunity to sharing the stage with such bigger names as INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, KRISUIN or VITAL REMAINS all over Europe. BLOODY SIGN are for sure a band to keep an eye on and we can look forward to the vinyl release of their 2nd full-length record “Explosion Of Elements” on Blood Harvest Records later this year. Blood Harvest Records is also the label responsible for this release therefore better get in touch with them soon and buy this piece of vinyl as long as it is available.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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