Brutality 2003 Demo & Bonus Tracks
(Vic Records)

This veteran Florida band formed in 1987 and has already released four albums. Here we have the demo they recorded back in 2003 after a long time being silent. The style remains the same for the new songs, which is Death Metal, but let me tell you that they were the least Floridian sounding band from all the bands that are actually form that area. They do have more things in common with European bands, and in my ears they were probably one of the best of the bunch and I thought they could be in the same league as MORBID ANGEL, especially after their fantastic debut album. And although the next few albums were also very good, it seems that internal issues in the band led them to fall short in reaching a top spot. Without getting too much into drama, it all involves the obvious differences in musical creation, but also weirder things that includes relationships in the band and gender changes… or something along those lines. Whatever it is, it’s the music that matters and in that they were always very creative when it comes to riffing, and although I would like them to play a bit faster, their way of creating those massive riffs reminds me of a similar way BOLLT THROWER composes their war hymns. And they also do have great vocals, no matter who was doing them. Now this compilation is way too long for its own. We got the same song ‘I Deny’ five times… original, vocals by bass player, vocals by guitar player, instrumental and drums only. Labels, bands, please stop that. Really just a drum track? I mean no matter how good the drummer is, it’s just plain ridiculous to do this. I’m not so much for live tracks as they mostly sound bad (like those DEMOLITION HAMMER reissues), but I really prefer those over just drum tracks. Whatever. The five real songs included here are good as they are and as I told before, the band should be bigger (the band DISINCARNATE for example was a poor attempt to sound like these guys). So if you are a fan, get it. And if you have not discovered the band, fix that by getting their material (their debut album rules supreme) and hopefully something new comes out. For more band information please visit:, label contact:

Julián “I Deny” Núñez

Julián "I Deny" Núñez

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