(Season Of Mist / Norma Evangelium Diaboli)

French avant-garde Black Metal masters DEATHSPELL OMEGA have finally returned with a new full-length on their new label home Season Of Mist, but fortunately this cooperation with a bigger record company has no effect on the awe-inspiring complexity of DEATHSPELL OMEGA’s high class musical output. “Paracletus” once again tears down all structural boundaries of the genre shifting effortlessly from chaotic, mind-shattering rhythms and guitar play to calmer, atmospheric, at times almost jazzy passages offering a welcomed break from the relentless drumming and exhausting dissonances. Rounded off by a flawless, powerful and natural production that allows you to delve into the profound, rich textures of this opus, DEATHSPELL OMEGA leave nothing to desire. Well, except for memorable songs, maybe, “Paracletus” is a sonic maelstrom and lyrically well thought-out beast, but it will not have you swinging (except during the captivating slower moments). It is a pitch-black whirlwind testing your brain functions and demanding a maximum of attention, but that’s no news for people fascinated by the band’s previous works yet at times I can not get rid of being overwhelmed and overtaxed at the same time. DEATHSPELL OMEGA have the status of being beyond any form of criticism and in terms of sheer skill and artistic expressiveness they surely are – in terms of creating Black Metal songs for eternity like e.g a ‘Freezing Moon’ or a ‘A Fine Day To Die’ their enormous intricacy clearly stands in their way. “Paracletus” is a stunning album, no doubt, it’s an aesthetic and elaborated opus that I’d rather recommend to an art student than to an ordinary headbanger since its challenging brilliance might actually crush you under its wheels and leaves you begging for something more simple and accessible. Cerebral Black Metal galore!,

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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