Doomsday L.A.
(Earache Records)

Aaaaaand another full length DEICIDE DVD… this one features both new guitarists (Mike Santolla and Jack Owen) and was recorded live on November 10, 2006 at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, California. In about 75 minutes the band pretty much rushes through a set of 18 tracks (old and new) and honestly spoken, their overall performance doesn’t really impress me much. This seems to be one of those DEICIDE gigs that I personally have attended to pretty often in the past as well already. The band gets up on stage, switches to auto pilot and delivers a solid performance (from the technical side of things). But to me it all lacks the real freshness and enthusiasm a bit too much. You know, those kinda things that turn a gig into something really special in the end. Don’t blame it on extensive touring or something, because there’s bands out there, that have been around as long (if not longer) as DEICIDE, that still come across very hungry each and every night. I also get the impression that Glen Benton rarely delivers any real lyrics (except for the chorus parts of the songs) as his grunting and screaming simply sounds a bit too similar over the course of the entire setlist to me… Don’t get me wrong: I still love the band and consider "The Stench Of Redemption" as one of their best albums (if not THE best!) ever since "Deicide" and "Legion". But in a live situation a lot of their gigs simply don’t move me at all, I’m afraid. The bonus part of this DVD features a pretty entertaining interview (approximately 35 minutes long) with all four members of the band, that proves us that even DEICIDE members sometimes can be really funny, as well as the band’s latest two promotional videos for ‘Hommage For Satan’ and ‘Desecration’. As die hard DEICIDE fans will most certainly buy this DVD anyway my advice is addressed to the rest of you reading this: if you get a chance, check out the previously released "When London Burns" DVD as well before you buy "Doomsday L.A.", for it impressed me personally a bit more than this one here.

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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