When London Burns
(Earache Records)
approx. 90:00min

Due to the fact that the Hoffman brothers had left DEICIDE only a couple of days before the band was supposed to go on tour, the line-up on this recording (next to Mr. Benton on bass / vocals and Steve on drums) consisted of the two quickly recruited guitar stand-ins Dave Suzuki (from VITAL REMAINS) and Jack Owens (from CANNIBAL CORPSE). As you all may know by now, Jack is still a member of DEICIDE these days, while Dave returned to VITAL REMAINS. In the meantime the second guitar slot was given to ex – DEATH / ICED EARTH guitar wiz Ralph Santolla, who is currently recording the new album with DEICIDE. Considering these circumstances DEICIDE used to be in a very good shape nevertheless (at least at this show, which was recorded at the "Mean Fiddler" in London on November 29, 2004). The 17 songs set of this particular night had a big focus on the "Once Upon The Cross" and "Deicide" albums (with 6 tracks each), while material off "Insineratehymn" and "In Torment In Hell" was left out completely. Having seen a couple of DEICIDE shows (with the original line-up) in the past already, I must say that none of them came across as entertaining as this one here. I’m not sure if it was just because of the film crew, the new label (Earache Records) or whatever, but Glenn seemed to be in a really good mood and was constantly joking around while introducing the songs. Jack Owen simply did what he is known for from his CANNIBAL CORPSE days, which means playing great, but with an almost non existing stageacting, while Dave on the other hand would have been a big plus for the band in every aspect. He not only thrashed around very intensively, but also played very well and delivered sick backing vocals. The show was filmed with various cameras, but still has a nice underground charme to it. The sound is good, but unfortunately you can’t hear (and rarely see) the crowd (so, it probably might be a soundboard recording!?). Additionally to this 60 minutes show the DVD offers about 30 minutes of "Behind The Scars" (as they chose to entitle it), consisting of interviews with the individual original members (at home, the studio or in a hotel room) and their work at Morrisound Studios. Apart from the musical aspects you will also see Brian talk about his tattoos and Steve about his gun collection (and additionally see him shooting on Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein posters). To achieve the ultimate result it would have been great if this DVD would also have had the band’s promotional videos on it and a nice booklet (which is not existing at all here)… but those things might be an option for the future.

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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