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I must say that it really pisses me off when I hear about the fuckin’ rockstar attitude of these Florida guys! Death Metal is brutal underground music for underground people and not for some wannabes that treat their fans and support bands like shit! If there would be at least a little bit of justice, DEICIDE would get dropped immediately and nobody would care about that. But (unfortunately) the four worshippers of Satan (…) always deliver pretty cool music, which obviously makes it really difficult to ignore them. Same with this new album here. “Insineratehymn” comes up with ten new DEICIDE tunes, all performed in their typical and wellknown style and all musically executed on a pretty high level. Ok, none of them will probably ever end up in the list of their all-time classics such as “Lunatic Of God’s Creation”, “Sacrificial Suicide”, “Dead By Dawn”, “Oblivious To Evil” or “Dead But Dreaming”, but it’s still a good mixture of fast and slower DEICIDE stuff, quality wise way above the average. The production on this album could even be their best to date! On the other hand, the poor playing time of only approximate half an hour ain’t very fan friendly at all. But maybe all my complaints are unnecessary anyway and this was already the last DEICIDE album?! Some of you will probably remember that the guys used to announce a collective suicide as soon as they’ll all have turned 33! Ha, I bet they already have and are just too wimpy to really go for it…

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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