Where Ironcrosses Grow
(Karmageddon Media)

This album took quite a while to get completed, but luckily all that didn’t result in a clean and polished production. It’s actually more the opposite around! DISMEMBER anno 2004 sound much more honest and true to the roots of real Death Metal than during a certain period of time when they were still with Nuclear Blast and tried to include more melodic elements into their style. I suppose one of the biggest compliments for them would be to mention two highly respected names as musical references nowadays. One is definitely AUTOPSY (especially in slower tunes such as ‘Me-God’ or ‘Children Of The Cross’) and the other one is vintage IRON MAIDEN! AUTOPSY for the ugly and raw as fuck overall attitude and MAIDEN for the great guitarwork (just check out ‘Tragedy Of The Faithful’ and you’ll easily understand what I’m talking about here!). Combine all that with the classic, typical Swe-Death DISMEMBER style and you get a good overall idea of what “Where Ironcrosses Grow” is all about. Unlike many of their countrymen DISMEMBER never gave a fuck about trends nor did they try to appeal to a mainstream audience by changing their songwriting into a more accessible direction. And they deserve my fullest respect for that! This album offers all killers and no fillers and even comes up with a rather cool looking coverart courtesy of the master of Death Metal art, the one and only Mr. Dan Seagrave! A really great comeback indeed! Check out www.dismember.se (currently not online yet) or the label’s website www.karmageddonmedia.com for all further info and MP3s.

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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