Live Blasphemies
(Escapi Music)
approx. 135:00min

Shit, I love these guys and I don’t give a damn if there’s stupid frognoise kids out there who consider Sweden’s longest running and still existing old school Death Metal act as dated, boring or not brutal enough. DISMEMBER have always remained true to their roots and written countless killer SweDeath tunes in the most uncompromising vein (this attitude even costed them their deal with Nuclear Blast once). Unlike with many other "bigger" names in the scene, there’s also never been a DISMEMBER release overkill, so you can’t really complain about this DVD here either, which turned out nothing but exceptional! Even though the cover doesn’t really mentions much about it, there’s actually two DVDs to be found in this package. On Disc one you’ll get a highly professional 11 track live show of approximately 45 minutes length, recorded in Stockholm / Sweden in May 2003 and filmed with several different cameras in superb picture and sound quality. Many DISMEMBER classics (such as ‘Dismembered’, ‘Soon To Be Dead’, ‘Casket Garden’, ‘Skinfather’ or ‘Skin Her Alive’), but also newer stuff (like ‘Misanthropic’, ‘Of Fire’, ‘Hate Campaign’ etc.) found its way into the setlist here, so expect nothing but a killer performance. Disc 2 features the band’s entire history with interview sequences and lots of vintage, bootleg quality, yet pretty cool concert footage (even from the band’s debut gig, still as a three piece as well as material from shows in Europe, Japan and the US). The interview (with Matti, Fred and David) is pretty fresh (done after "Where Iron Crosses Grow") and entirely in their native tongue. But don’t worry – there’s subtitles in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian (which are sometimes pretty funny to read, cause NECROVORE turns into NECRO WAR, Metalysee gets spelled Metal Lycé and so on…). All in all about one and a half hours of DISMEMBER history here! Additionally (on disc 1) you’ll get the entire band bio and an image gallery with very cool live shots of the band. It would’ve been nice to see the band’s promo videos on here as well, but I suppose that legal problems probably have made that impossible… who knows. Anyway, "Live Blasphemies" is way more than you could ask for already and an essentional release for every worshipper of old school SweDeath in general and each DISMEMBER fan in particular. For more info check out www.dismember.se or www.escapi.com

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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