Genocide Ritual
(Misanthropic Records)

To me Brazil’s ESCARNIUM perfectly embodies what a great Death Metal act should be all about. With Victor Elian they have a vocalist in their ranks that sounds totally raw and brutal, but neither as deep grunting and monotonous sounding as all those INCANTATION clones nor as clearly understandable as someone like David Vincent for example. Victor simply has the perfect Death Metal voice to me, with the necessary brutal edge and darkness to it and you can easily hear that he’s doing his duty straight from the heart and not for the sake of senseless brutality alone. The other ESCARNIUM musicians are equally skilled, but luckily don’t waste their talent to come up with highly complex and over the top technical wankery. They just focus on great riffs and almost catchy, but always very heavy songwriting that you would immediately love to bang your head to. So, the overall result is nothing but perfect old school Death fuckin’ Metal! Even the production of their latest releases is perfect. Every instrument is perfectly audible in the mix and you don’t get overproduced clinical bullshit with drums that are sounding like a stupid drum machine. This is the real deal! Prior to their latest album "Interitus" (which already dates back to 2016 again) they released this 2-track vinyl 7" EP entitled "Genocide Ritual", which features the two songs ‘Radioactive Doom’ and ‘Genocide Ritual’. Both are typical ESCARNIUM crusher that got re-recorded for the album again in even better versions, but this is still a fine piece of vinyl for collectors (limited to 333 copies, colored vinyl seems to be available as well) and all those that simply can’t get enough of these guys and love to follow their impressive evolution. Considering the fact that this EP was already released in 2014 I have no idea whether there’s still copies available somewhere or not. But feel free to check out your prefered mailorder or contact the band at or the label at

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

ESCARNIUM - Interitus (David Lucido)
ESCARNIUM - Rex Verminorum (Thomas Ehrmann)
ESCARNIUM - Excruciating Existence (Luxi Lahtinen)
ESCARNIUM - interview (David Lucido)

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