Rex Verminorum
(Hellthrasher Productions)

Brasilian Death Metal is on the rise if you ask me. And with ESCARNIUM we got one big hopeful. Seriously, listening to their "Covered In Decadence" sends shivers down my spine each time I listen to it. The short introduction to the title track and ‘His Final March’ are great, especially the part used from "Passion Of Christ" introducing the mentioned ‘His Final March’ fits so well. Their 2nd release, "Rex Verminorum", is presented completely without those gimmicks and let the music stand alone. 3 songs, this time in utterly great produced Death Metal, with fabulous songwriting and a shown professionalism not common for such a newcomer band. ESCARNIUM are playing brutal Death Metal somewhere in the way VOMITORY are handling their business nowadays. Which means full ahead Death Metal brutality, with still a good sense of melody without being too melodic. I can even say that in terms of brutality they are by no means behind their countrymates HEADHUNTER D.C. and this is probably the biggest compliment I can give ’em. At this point of time I’m not sure whether I like "Covered In Decadence" more than "Rex Verminorum" as both are equally outstanding. ESCARNIUM are a big surprise for me and therefore the only way left for me to say is to check out this band and get both releases if you are seriously into this brutal kind of Death Metal. I see a bright future for them and I’m sure we won’t have to wait for a full-length release from them that long. Besides that the guys are currently estimating the chance to make it over to Europe for a small tour together with their countrymates of TERROR SQUAD and VIOLATOR. Things are going in the ESCARNIUM camp. This release is available in an edition of 1000 copies from Hellthrasher Productions, Poland (, where of 500 copies are in digipak format. The tape version is available from Polands Till You Fukkin Bleed Records ( Bandcontact through

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

ESCARNIUM - Genocide Ritual (Frank Stöver)
ESCARNIUM - Interitus (David Lucido)
ESCARNIUM - Excruciating Existence (Luxi Lahtinen)
ESCARNIUM - interview (David Lucido)

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