Groans To The Guilty
(Temple Of Darkness Records)

I’m not really sure how many Spanish Black Metal bands I know, one of the most professional ones are surely FOSCOR. I’m kinda impressed what I hear on “Groans To The Guilty”. This album is already their third full-length recording and the first one for me. It’s some kind of avantgarde Black Metal what those guys offer, skilled musicians with certain vibes known from VED BUENS ENDE or older KATATONIA if you ask me. KATATONIA was the band they contributed 2 covers to their tribute album “December Songs”. The songs they covered were ‘Midwinter Gates’ and ‘Gateways Of Bereavement’ which are not exactly the worst choices of the KATATONIA-catalogue. Taking old KATATONIA as an influence can’t be wrong; to have the heart to take influences from new KATATONIA might be a harder task though. The avant-gardism FOSCOR offer has not that much to do with KATATONIA, more with those few VED BUENS ENDE recordings recorded, nevertheless it’s impressive how the well-structured songs grow with each listen. Even hearing influences from other bands I can’t say that FOSCOR are not original, I think they are on a very good way and “Groans To The Guilty” is a very good recording worth to check out. Go to and

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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