Apparition Of Doomsday
(Dunkelheit Produktionen)

Get ready for some really dark, pretty perverted and slightly chaotic Death Metal from GOATBLOOD. The three piece from the North Rhine area of Germany is around since 2011 and has been pretty busy since their formation. Three demos, two EPs, some split releases and two full length albums already grace their discography, none of them known to me yet. So, dealing with the third full album from GOATBLOOD here, I can only refer to the stuff on “Apparition Of Doomsday”. And this album really packs a punch. The intro piece ‘Exodus’ is already somehow scaring, but the brutal riffing of the opener ‘Goat Order’ really blows anything to dust, especially when the drums pick up speed. And it continues like this. Brutal riffs and a dark, really down tuned sound is the domineering topic of the album. Garnished with deeply growling vocals and spiced with sick samples, GOATBLOOD take no prisoners. “Apparition Of Doomsday” is a real orgy of sick and weird brutality. Thus this album is pure pleasure if you’re really in the mood to go out and annihilate mankind. Somehow early INCANTATION and KRYPTS came to mind, a comparison that fits in terms of the dark atmosphere of the doomier parts and the ruthlessness of the guitars. Yet GOATBLOOD are more sicko, with a perverted sense of humour, AUTOPSY style. This is mirrored in song titles like ‘Pork Puzzle’, ‘Miss Dead Body’ or ‘Nekro Horny’. But despite the name dropping here, GOATBLOOD are no copycats as they manage to keep a unique sense of slimy melodies and twisted guitars. Check them out at www.facebook.com/goatblood-492948934177125 or visit their label www.dunkelheit-produktionen.de

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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